Growing with love 


We grow 1/2 an acre of specialty cut flowers on our urban farm in the heart of Bellingham, WA. Wildrye Farm started in 2015 at the Cloud Mountain incubator program. What started as a tiny city garden has grown into an amazing farming business thanks to everyone who chooses to buy sustainable, locally grown flowers. The farm is mainly run by one woman with the help of two farm kids and a very supportive husband. Our farm has continued to grow because of the incredible support of our community. 


We try to sow our seeds with a mindfulness for the world around us. It's important to continue to keep the beauty of this planet for future generations and we believe very strongly in growing in the most natural ways possible. We follow organic growing practices. We believe in leaving the land better than we found it. We grow our bounty with love and kindness and that means that we share it with with the bugs and critters around us. We encourage the natural floral and fauna to help us keep a healthy balance. We also practice using compost, cover crops, practicing crop rotation, and NEVER using synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or synthetic pesticides. 


We look forward to another amazing year of growing beautiful blooms!


-Miranda, Andrew, Elliott & Clara Bowman





Wildrye Farm

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