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Our farm began in 2015 at the Cloud Mountain incubator farm. Vegetables were our beginning but the blooms soon took over.


Wildrye Farm is primarily farmed by Miranda Bowman (she/her). Our home farm is a 1/2 acre urban farm located in the Birchwood neighborhood of Bellingham, Washington. We also lease an additional 1/2 acre 15 minutes to the North from the incredible folks at Boxx Berry Farm.


 We grow our flowers sustainably by following organic growing practices. We sow our seeds with a mindfulness of the natural world around us. It's important to honor the natural rhythms surrounding us. We try to honor the local flora, fauna, critters, and creatures as much as possible. We believe in leaving the land better than we found it. Our practices include using compost, cover crops, practicing crop rotation, and using biological pest controls. We don't use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or synthetic pesticides.

We sell our flowers primarily to wholesalers, wedding designers, and florists. We love what we do and hope you will too!

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