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Mum cuttings sold out for 2023

Cultivars 2023

A message about our mums:

The chrysanthemums listed below have been selected for cut flower production. These mums have been chosen for stem length, color, and form. Most of what we grow are "late" season mums that bloom in our area October - November. To grow "later" season cultivars you should have protection for your blooms from frost/freezing weather conditions. Plants will survive a frost but blooms can be damaged. Bloom times and coloring will vary depending on latitude, temperatures, and lighting conditions.  The plugs we offer come from our personal stock of mother plants. We are USDA inspected and are able to ship to all 50 United States. 

Apricot Alexis

Apricot Courtier

Betty Barnes

River City

Fleur De Lis

Norton Vic

Seaton's Je'Dore

George Couchman


White Out


Crimson Tide

Kokka Bunmi


Joyce Fountain

Lynn Johnson

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Heather James

Lake Landers


Bronze Fleece

Pat Lehman

Patricia Grace

Buff Rayonnante

Pat Lawson

Oriental Knight


French Vanilla

Senkyo Kenshin


Seaton's Galaxy

Vienna Waltz


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